Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Our website is safe for browsing
We submitted our website for a review to McAfee site to see of our site if safe from any hacker attacks and if it is well protected. There are many reasons to do that, but main reason for us is to ensure our readers that our site is safe to register and browse.

You can see if we have been certified as being safe on McAfee main site called SiteAdvisor : Breed Guide on SiteAdvisor.com

Posted On: 02/11/2009
Label: Website

We are extending out social network reach
We are part of Web 2.0 website that aggregates blog feeds and try to bring our unique insights about various breeds to their community of users.

Pet | Dogs  & Cat Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

Posted On: 02/06/2009
Label: Website

Reaching out to many readers on Articlebase
We are glad to announce that we have been accepted into Articlebase website articles writers circle and we are able to service information about god and cat breeds to Articlebase readers. You can see our first article about Corssbreeds
Posted On: 02/06/2009
Label: Website

Breed Guide on YouTube.com
We created Breed Guide video channel on YouTube.com and you can enjoy selection of our dog and cats related videos. Please leave us your comments and let us know if any good videos should be part of our library.

We are planning to add more dog, cat breed videos on YouTube for your viewing pleasures. If you have your own YouTube channel we would be glad to add your VLog to our friends list.

In addition, we created YouTube Breed Guide group where you can post your videos and participate in the video exchanges

This is our Channel preview screen in case you don't want to leave our site

Posted On: 02/03/2009
Label: Website

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